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His Holiness Speech during Kalachakra Amravati

Animal skins

His Holiness Speech during Kalachakra Amravati
Translation by Monlam Lobsang

Since the real source of unpleasant feelings is our mind and its attitude so it is very important to change the way we look at things and this is what Dharma does.
Whether we believe in rebirth or not, one thing is same - we all want happiness and comfort. Within the community if there are principles, decency and honesty, this will obviously benefit the community. Likewise, if the human community is based on principles of peace, it will lessen the sufferings caused to Millions and Billions of animals. Otherwise, out of human’s limitless and unjustified greed and desires, they build Beef Farms, Pig Farms, and Fish Farms which never existed before and are not needed. And now, when the animals bring diseases they are killed in large numbers. So many fishes are killed and they suffer so much. For example, in Tibet the populations of wild animals like KYANG (Tibetan Wild Ass), TSOE (Tibetan antelope), NNAYA (Wild Sheep), GGO (Gazelle) and DRONG (Wild Yak) used to be huge but in recent times, due to intense hunting the population of these animals have shrunk and some even faces the danger of extinction.People have started realizing and caring about these issues now, including the Chinese government which is really good.These days in Tibet it seems the number of people involved in the Meat business is increasing which is a very pitiful condition. This shows how human greed leads to the suffering of animals. These days a lot of people are working for the protection of our environment which is great. But environment alone isn't enough, it's also very important to protect the animals and birds living in it because that is what surrounds us and that is what we are a part of. These creatures are a thing of joy and beauty.If we keep torturing these animals for our own benefits then it’s a very pitiful condition. The fashion of wearing animal skin is a matter of shame.Until recently, Tibetans living in India didn't have any bad reputation but recently, there were cases where Tibetans were involved in wildlife trade, smuggling and other such things. It's a matter of shame. Although I am just one ordinary single individual yet I have a social responsibility. So, when I keep hearing such sad and shameful stories at this age, sometimes I feel there is no use living in this world.These days there are many Tibetan groups in India working for Vegetarianism and spreading compassion for animals, such acts are extremely good and something to rejoice. Most of the monasteries have also turned their kitchen into vegetarian which is really good.Strong attachment towards the fashion of costly jewelries and wearing animal skins is an act of stupidity, a stigma on Tibetans and a matter of shame. Beauty should be skin deep. If you have spiritual knowledge, that's the best jewelry you can wear. I would like the Tibetans who have come from Tibet, to pass these messages to their brothers and sisters in Tibet. Tell them that I'm ashamed of their act - the use of animal skins and furs.So, if we can transform our mind based on the principles of peace, it will benefit so many animals and not only animals but also our environment. Transformation of mind is something which is very important and is something that can only be done from within.

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HI Pema,
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Welcome Bharat! I've just posted a Wikipedia link showing my country home, Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brasil. A huge metropolis surrounded by beautifull mountains and waterfalls!

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