domingo, 22 de fevereiro de 2009

What's death?

"You are completely aware that life is near hand.
Be a very courageous person.
Keep a calm mind and prepare for death.
Death isn't a failure.
Death is a transition and an awakening from the dream of life.
Reencarnation is a matter of fact.
The soul is reborn over and over again getting closer to enlightening each time.
Wether you were born a monk, a labour, a scientist or a farmer you must try to develop your inner spirit.
If you do not surrender yourself to anger or to cruelty in this life, you will climb a ladder one more step in the next.
In this way you try to become as much as the Buddha as possible in each life you live.
Leave in peace and find rebirth because death is always followed by renewed and life.
Human beings face four main sufferings.
They are parts impartial of life: birth, sickness, old age and death.
It's very important to know why you face these problems in your life.
If you realize and understand these things, it helps you to maintain a positive attitude."

Lama Tuvam