domingo, 7 de junho de 2009

Ani Zamba Chozön's message for Saga Dawa

Dear Friends,
It's been a wonderful day here with DKR* and Lama Choedak Rinpoche.
DKR gave the Refuge Vows and the Bodhisattva Vows to the many people who were there, thousands of people doing circumambulation around the great stupa in Bouddhanath probably the only living stupa in the world today.
This stupa is really a living force in the heart and minds of the people here.
The teachings as you can hear on the internet each day are very profound something that we all need to contemplate so we can really keep on track when it comes to our spiritual path.
It's so easy to get lost in the 8 worldly concerns and to believe that we are actually following the path of Buddhism which is designed to take us beyond attachment to this life.
Somehow our value system is not quite right when it comes to what we consider dependable and where to go for refuge.
These teachings again and again have stressed the importance of Refuge in the triple gem.
Until we are really clear about our refuge we cannot say we have even entered on to the path of liberation.
We may well be fooling ourselves believing we can keep all our neurotic tendencies and attachments and still be on the path to Enlightenment.
This path is designed to awaken us to the truth of our own nature we ned to ask ourselves if we want to wake up to that truth or not.
Today we heard many times the difference of knowing suffering and abandoning suffering. Knowing suffering and its cause is wisdom but abandoning suffering is ignorance as we never really know the conditions that results in suffering so we perpetuate the same conditions time and time again.
I hope you've had the opportunity to listen to these sublime teachings and that someone will translate them in Portuguese for you all soon. I will write more later.
Love to you all, AZ.
*Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche

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