terça-feira, 24 de fevereiro de 2009

Hello, Mr. Nicholson!

Hello, Mister Jack Nicholson!
Hello... miss...
(Yelling) Don’t miss me!!! (Back to the low voice tone and smiling) Sorry. It’s only a pun, a play of words.
(Laughing) I’ll never miss you. And don’t mister me! Call me Jack.
Oh, no! It’s a very common name. By the way, Mister Nicholson: are you son of some guy called Nichol?
Are you trying to imitate me, my dear? You’re being so clever!
I’m not trying to imitate you, Mister Nicholson for I’m not only clever. I’m intelligent too. It’s different.
Well, may I at least know your name?
My name ir Carmen. Not Carmen as you say it in English but Carmen as you say it in Spanish.
Wake up!!!!
This was a dream I had on July, 16th, 2002

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